Red Hair Color

There is little population of people born with natural redheads. This is the reason many women attempt to dye their hair in red. When decide to go red, you have to bear in mind that there are many options to select from. Although one red hair color hue look great on the other, it does not mean it look great on you. Therefore, the most important things to take into consideration are your skin tones, eye color and hair condition. And it does not mean you don’t have the right skin tones you cannot enjoy redhead, but you have to pick the right hue which complement your skin tone and eye color. There are ways to go red, thus you have to choose the best way in order to look great in red hair color.

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Shades of Red Hair

There are many option of red hair color such as copper red, bright cherry red, strawberry blonde and so forth. First time to go redhead, you hair should in good condition. If you hair is too dry or damage, it is difficult to hold onto small and red color molecules perfectly. Once you have the first condition, as first timer you may choose subtle shade of red. Thus auburn can be good choice, for those women with lighter eye color and warm skin tone, the ideal color is light shade of auburn. However, those with darker skin tone and brown or hazel eye color, you may choose to wear darker shade of auburn.

Reddish brown is another option you may consider if you wish subtle shade of red. As the brown hair pigmentation is already there, so coloring based on the underlying pigmentation is a perfect choice and make it last longer. For those women choose to wear full head of red hair, you may require to choose the right shade of red hair color else it would make your appearance turn out disaster. In order to look great in red hair color, you may need to go thru the lightening process to achieve the perfect red hue. Next, you may choose to go with red highlight or lowlight to spice up your hair locks, this is easy and require minimal of maintenance.

Red Hair Dye and Maintenance Tips

Unfortunately, red hair color tends to fade quickly thus proper care and attention is essential otherwise your hair will turn into brassy orange color. The more you shampoo your hair, the dye goes fade easily. Therefore, you may require investing better quality red color enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Another problem is exposure to sunlight will damage your dye hair. It would be good to cover up your hair with a hat or use an umbrella to avoid long hours expose to sunlight directly. To avoid these hassles, you may use good styling product which contain UV filters. To ensure your red hair color stay gorgeous and last even longer, precaution steps is a must and in place from day one. This habit has to carry out daily basis.

With the guidelines and tips from this site, I hope you have learned and more knowledgeable to deal with your new red hair. Enjoy and have fun as a redhead.